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In case you haven’t noticed, York just adjusted your student account to add $225.84 on top of your tuition

So it’s the day you gotta pay your wallet-crippling tuition and you log in your York account (la-de da de da) and you notice an “Adjustment” on your Student Account (it says health care and dental next to it)… and you think one or more of the following:

"W..t..f. (mate)"

"whose health care and dental am I paying for?"

"I never applied for this…"

"Mom and Dad are going to kill me"


Well HESOSA Says.. Fear not!

The York Federation of Students administers a Health Plan on your behalf, which is one of the most important services they provide. Undergraduate students enroled in 15 credits or more are automatically entered into the plan and those enroled with less than 15 credits may opt into the plan. This comprehensive health plan covers most of the costs of prescription drugs, as well as supplemental health procedures from chiropractic care to physiotherapy.

106 Student Centre
Telephone: (416) 650-8066
Fax: (416) 736-5163

The York Health and Dental plan is a great service offered by York whether you are fresh Undergrad or Graduate student. Please see the YFS website for more information on how MUCH you are covered @

But if you are like me and are covered by your Parents’ insurance companies (there’s no shame in it), there is the option to “opt out” with proof of coverage information. This includes one of the follwing:

  • An official document or photocopy of a document verifying both comparable and supplementary health and dental coverage.
  • "Drug"/benefit card, plan certificate, current letter (2010) from employer/insurer confirming benefits.

However, like everything at York, (and i suppose, in life) there’s a catch:

YOU MUST OPT OUT BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th 2011 (if you are enrolled for the Fall Term)!! If you are enrolled for the Winter term, your deadline is February 10th 2012.

So save the date(s) because after you pay tuition, $225.84 is alot of money (you probably don’t have) and NO exceptions will be made after these dates!

If you want to opt out, please visit the YFS website @

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